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learn how to think good

How to think good to solve our biggest problem – food that will make us healthy and still be sustainable

Gbiota growing plants for gut health – cooperative food

Cooperative groups can change our food system from exploitation with tired worn out soils to a circular food system providing essential phytonutrients and beneficial biology leading to a healthier gut and longer health span.

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Gbiota How to grow plants for gut health

 How to grow plants for gut health using Gbiota beds to add beneficial biology, phyto and micro nutrients

Gbiota and our intelligent control system

 How our health is determined by our intelligent control system which lives in our guts

Gbiota and the blue zones

 What we can learn from the blue zones about gut food and a caring society

Gbiota – disabling the virus

We don’t have the technology to kill the virus, but we can stop it breeding by a healthy gut, for one person this may be the difference between surviving or dying, but if enough people had a healthy gut we could eliminate the virus from the face of the earth

Gbiota – How to grow plants that strengthen the immune system

With lock downs across the world there is a need for a dead simple Gbiota bed so anyone can grow vegetables which are the best way to make natural pre and pro biotics. This videos show how to make you own Gbiota bed