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Making the Gbiota club work

Gut food and the Gbiota club
We are not selling turnips or cabbages we are providing a
system where people can have ready and affordable access
to gut food.
Our guts are a real brain. They form part of an intelligent
control system which manages our bodies, particularly our
appetite and so decides how much and what food we want
to eat and how much and where we store fat. Our guts are
also home to the bulk of our immune system. Poor guts health is at the source of modern
chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity and its related heart attacks, dementia etc. A
health gut is really important
But to have a healthy gut means we need the right biology in the first place and we need to
feed it the right sort of food. When people find out how gut food is grown the whole idea
puts most people off, which is why you can’t buy gut food from the supermarket or in a
bottle from the chemist.
Healthy gut biology starts in the guts of creatures that live in the soil, particularly worms.
This biology passes from the guts of these animals and into the plants where if we eat
them soon after they are harvested they will enter out guts and the plants will provide them
with food so they will flourish.
We, and all animals, have been doing this for millions of years but the whole idea is totally
at odds with our modern antiseptic society so eating gut food will always be for a minority
We know how to grow gut food, you have to have soil which is full of creature of the soil –
mainly worms. To feed the creatures, the soils must be full of organic matter and a broad
spectrum of minerals for the worms to live on.
We have to manage the moisture levels very carefully – worms are very fussy about water
– a real Goldilocks story – not too much and not too little.
And we have to avoid chemicals which will harm the beneficial biology – modern chemicals
may not hurt us but they can be a disaster for micro-biology.
And we have to eat the plants shortly after they are harvested before the beneficial biology
All this is a more expensive process than modern chemical industrial farming and
supermarket system and to many people quite revolting, which is why we don’t see gut
food products on super market shelves.
The alternative is to join or form a local Gbiota club which is essentially a buying coop.
With enough members and buying power they can seek out willing growers, the club
organises group transport (shopping expeditions) to collect and distribute the produce
directly from the growers to members.
Members buy on line directly from the growers using the while the
plants are still in the ground, they are harvested and delivered within hours at a final cost
which is competitive, if not cheaper than the conventional super market system.
Step 1
Is to go to join up by registering and see if there is a local club in your
area. It not you will need to recruit a few friends and friends of friends to get enough
members to form a club.
They can search for clubs in their area and they can also click on the ‘support’ icon at
Lead members can register as ‘support’ vendors to support the activities of their local club.
Step 2
Is to locate and persuade some local growers to set up Gbiota beds and grow gut food.
They will also need to create their home page on which described
the growing systems they are using.
Step 3
Is for members to search through the local growers and select which ones they want to be
their growers. Growers can promote produce they have approaching being ready for sale
or, in the true traditions of community supported agriculture they may came to an
arrangement to custom grow certain products.
Step 4
Is for members to click on transport to see when the next pick up and delivery service is
due. They then book the delivery and go back to the growers and place their orders for
that pick up and delivery.


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