The aim of the Gbiota project is to grow plants to enhance gut biology. The gut does much more than digest food, it is a real brain which controls much of how our body works, particularly appetite, replacement of body part as they age and much of our immune system.

You simply cannot be healthy without a healthy gut.

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Profit v people

brysonBill Bryson’s book The Body is an amazing source of information about health.

Near the end of the book is a table showing the major causes of death in 1900 and now.

In 1900 the dominant sources of death were infectious diseases now it is non infectious disease like heart attacks, strokes, dementia and diabetes all related to food and exercise.

But what is the real cause? Our food system has changed dramatically and is now dominated by mega corporations who put profit ahead of people.

What makes it so bad is we live in the miss-information age. The internet, one of the greatest innovations of our time, has become saturated with miss-information either for power or money.

I ask myself what can I do about this. I cannot match the multi billion dollar advertising budget of the food industry – nor the psychological based manipulation of information – with that maze of marketing tricks which dominate the modern web.

I am an 83 year old engineer still fit, active and healthy but I do know that our gut is part of our intelligent control system which our modern food system is just not feeding.

Just incorporate some gut food into our diet has an immediate and obvious effect – how we feel, our weight and if we are diabetic (the most rapidly growing of modern diseases) the blood sugar level.

But how do I get that message out against the multi billion dollar advertising budget of the food and supplement industries. I clearly cant.

But we are not all dumb donkeys blindly following their promotional bombardment.

People want to listen to other people who they trust and have first hand experience.

That is one of the reasons why I set up the Gbiota club with its own web site so people can share the information and their own experiences.

So I ask you to join the club, it is totally free and share your experiences. I also ask you to send out invites to your friends and contacts using the invite button. You will not only be helping your friends but fighting the miss-information battle which must be one of the major threats to a sensible life.


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