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Aims of the Gbiota club

To create a community food system where people,
– particularly home gardeners and environmentally sensitive commercial growers, with the
land, time and skills
– can process waste food and other organic waste into biologically active nutrient rich soil
– which can be loaded into Gbiota boxes, which they seed and grow
– and when ready distributed to community who do not have the land time or skills to grow
their own food.
– they can then harvest the plants fresh and receive the health benefits of eating fresh
Gbiota food.


Watch the introductory video about the Gbiota community

Local gut food

How the Gbiota club works

The aim of the Gbiota technology is to replenish our gut with living beneficial biota and the food it needs to thrive.

Gut Biota has a short life so it is important to eat plants while there are fresh, which means shortly after harvesting.

You can grow your own food at home in a Biobox, it is healthier, more convenient, reliable, more varied, costs less, is easy and you know exactly what you are eating and how it was grown.

gbiota boxesThe Gbiota Biota Biobox system allows almost everyone to have the health benefits of genuinely fresh food with the beneficial biota even if they have limited space, growing expertise or time.

The beneficial biota is bred in soil containing organic material, minerals and with a carefully controlled moisture level. This is done by local growers trained and approved in the Gbiota technology. You can read an overview of the Gbiota technology here.

Gbiota™ is a registered trade mark and only approved growers are allowed to use the name.

The process of setting up an approved local Gbiota grower is that we ask any one who has an interest in enhancing their gut biology to make an expression of interest by registering as a customer on the form here.

geolocationThis does include sufficient information to create your own icon on a geolocation map. When we see there is a cluster forming in a local area we search out a suitable grower to be trained to supply Gbiota Bioboxes in their local area.

The Gbiota club itself does not grow or sell any produce – our role is simply to help create local groups by making the technology readily available. Local growers are independent businesses.

plantsThis is a social media site so groups can chat, exchange information – particularly on preferred plant species which are suited to the locality and season.

You can share information on plants, food and cooking with people from the same locality and there is no one watching your every move so they can sell your information to some company that wants to sell you something.

Groups may contain both consumers and growers forming a system of community supported agriculture so consumers have an assured supply line while growers have a stable market.

Show your interest by registering here – there is no obligation you are just saying I am interested and you can leave any time and no one will hassle you.